We believe that regular attendance is the key to academic achievement and personal growth.

Academic Success: Regular attendance ensures that students are present for important lessons, discussions, and assignments. It directly correlates with improved grades and a better understanding of the curriculum.

Skill Development: School is not just about academics, it's also about developing essential life skills like time management, responsibility, and teamwork. Consistent attendance helps nurture these skills for all our students and young people.

Building Relationships: Alsop High school is a place to make friends and build valuable connections. Regular attendance allows students to form bonds with their peers and teachers, creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Preparation for the Future: Punctuality and reliability are highly regarded qualities in the professional world. Full school attendance teaches students the importance of these attributes, preparing them for success in their future careers.

Our aim is for 100%  attendance, however school attendance should not fall below 97% . This equates to 6 school days missed, or 30 lessons, in any academic year.  It is also important to arrive at school on time, because learning begins to suffer if late arrivals are frequent.

Below is a table showing how students percentage attendance equates to the amount of school time missed.

Attendance during one school year 

Equivalent Days  

Equivalent Lessons

97% 6 days missed 30 lessons missed
95% 9 days missed 45 lessons missed
90% 19 days missed 95 lessons missed
85% 29 days missed 145 lessons missed
80% 38 days missed 190 lessons missed
70% 57 days missed 285 lessons missed
65% 67 days missed 335 lessons missed

Where attendance falls to 90% in any academic year, students on average achieve 1x GCSE grade below their target grade, where attendance falls to 85%, this increases to 2 GCSE grades and so on. 19 days absent from school a year could mean a drop in a GCSE grade in all subjects.

Each year group has a dedicated Attendance Officer who will support students to return to school as soon as possible.  

Year Group Attendance Officer
Year 7 Julie Magee
Year 8 Emily Kirlew-Howe
Year 9 Claire Fletcher
Year 10 Ashlea Forgacs
Year 11 Kellie Upton
Sixth Form Marie McCarty


Attendance Officers can be contacted by telephone on 0151 235 1200

Our Comprehensive Attendance Policy details the importance of attendance, and our expectations and procedures. It details information such as reporting, unauthorised absence, legal sanctions, reintegration, attendance targets and roles and responsibilities.  To read the policy in full click here.