Mental Health Awareness & Support Available

At Alsop High School we have a range of mental health and wellbeing support that can be implemented at a variety of levels. We are proud to be one of the first schools in Merseyside providing this level of support via our onsite mental health and wellbeing team. Our mental health and wellbeing team is made up of 3 key staff members:

  • Mrs K Begley - Senior Leader
  • Rachael Walsh - Mental Health & Wellbeing Mentor
  • Louise McGuirk - Mental Health & Wellbeing Mentor

Our team values each individual student and strives to provide support using a child led, person centered approach, whilst offering a holistic service, supporting not only the student but their wider circumstances impacting on their mental health and wellbeing. Parent/career relationships are of value to the team and we welcome positive professional relationships to be established, offering support to not only students but their families too. 

We have a graduated approach to mental health and wellbeing that is implemented throughout all school years. This approach ensures students requiring support are identified at the earliest possibility and the correct level of support can be implemented. 

Alsop High School has a strong pastoral department who work in partnership with our mental health and wellbeing team daily. Our students are provided emotional support from a range of staff such as Form Tutors, Pastoral Support Mentors, Behavior and Ready to Learn Mentors, Assistant Heads of Years & Head of Years, our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant and our School Counsellor John Quigley. 

We have developed a network of support within our community, enabling students to access mental health & wellbeing support from a wide range of services. Accessible both within our school setting and in the local community. Consequently, we provide a spectrum of support for our students and families in partnership with organisations such as:

* Please see below our latest Mental Health and Wellbeing newsletter containing help and support available to the local community during Half Term.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

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