Vision of the Music Curriculum

Music is an extremely important subject for all students to learn and can lead to better brain development, increases in human connection, and can even be used as stress relief. Music is all around us every day and understanding music contributes to the understanding of the world we live in. At Alsop High School, we aim to nurture our students to become well rounded musicians with an appreciation for talent, creativity and a variety of musical styles. Music teaches discipline. Students need to be focussed and apply powerful theoretical knowledge as well as the complex language of music in order to successfully appraise, perform and compose music. We believe that Music provides students with a way of connecting with other people. They may share the same interests in music or learn to appreciate and accept that we all have different musical tastes but all of this is focussed round the idea that music is a universal language and can be shared with everyone. Music can spark emotions and we encourage our students to express their feelings with confidence in a creative, nurturing and supportive environment.

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