It is very important that students with special educational needs are properly identified, assessed and supported. For the majority of children we aim to provide support in class, as part of normal day-to-day lessons. As an inclusive school where every student is valued, we want all students to take a full part in all lessons and in every aspect of academy life alongside their peers. Our teachers plan and deliver quality lessons that are well differentiated, so the needs of all students are catered for and all students can benefit fully from them. Sometimes, however, a student’s personalised assessment shows that they would benefit from additional one-to-one tuition or to work as part of a small group.  

For a small minority of students with more complex and specialist needs we are also able to call upon many external services such as Educational Psychology, Speech and Language therapy, CAMHS, ADHD foundation, School Nurse, occupational and physiotherapy and/or Sensory Impairment Service, to help us support children’s educational development. We work with these services so that we are able to provide intervention and support as identified by assessments completed by relevant professionals.

To see key information policies including our Accessibilty Plan and Exam Access Policy click here. 

Our facilities include a Resources Provision (SPLD), an IT Suite and  Assistive Technology.

Our provision includes: 

  • Well qualified and experienced team members
  • Strong Year 6 into Year 7 transitional programme
  • Intensive literacy and numeracy nurture programme
  • Literacy and Numeracy interventions
  • TA in-class support
  • Exam Access Arrangements
  • Lunch and break time supervision
  • Dyslexia screening and full assessments
  • Disability Student Allowance University reports
  • Physiotherapy
  • Social and Communication groups
  • Speech and Language service
  • Hearing and Visual Impairment Service
  • CAMHS Key and Link worker
  • Counselling Service
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Links with:
    • ADHD Foundation
    • Advanced Solutions
    • Willy Russell Centre
    • Fusion
    • YPAS
    • Autism Initiative
    • Career Connect 

For further support or queries please contact our SENDCo at Alsop High School is Michelle McLean via her email is