At Alsop our after-school extra-curricular enrichment offer is a key part of our Personal Development curriculum and is central to the Opportunity strand of our school ethos, The Alsop Way.

We aim to offer a rich, varied and inclusive extra-curricular enrichment programme to our students, presenting them with opportunities to enrich their lived experience, raise their cultural capital and allow them to participate fully in, and increase their enjoyment of, school life.

Attendance to extra-curricular enrichment sessions will also count towards Duke of Edinburgh stages and also our Alsop Passport.

Every Day


Year Group



Break time Chess 

All year groups

Library Library staff and Junior Librarians


Mixed Badminton

All Years

Sports Hall Mr Griffin (SGR)
Girls Netball Year 7 Old Gym Ms Green (LGR)
Boys Football Year 7

Walton Park Astro

Mr Nicholson/Mr Tsoi Mr Howard (CNI/KTS/
Swimming Years 7 - 11 Sports Centre Pool Mrs Orrick (CHO)
Keyboard Lessons Year 7 Mu20 Mrs McCartney (PCC)
Music Intervention Year 11 Mu21 Mrs Potter (EMP)
English Intervention Years 12 - 13 J34 Ms Tynan (LMT)
Coursework Clinic Years 11 - 13 J12 Ms Fernandez Perez (MFP)
EPQ Years 12 - 13 J13 Mrs Rowan (SHR)
MOOCS Workshop Years 12 - 13 J12 Ms Fernandez Perez (MFP)
Coursework Clinic Years 10 - 11 DR1 Ms Ross (MCR)
Homework Club Years 7 - 11 PE3

Miss Jones/Mr Nixon/Mrs Ward (AJJ/THN/WWA)

Puzzle Club Year 7 M2 Mr Foster (SFO)
Re-sit Intervention Years 12 - 13 M3, M13

Mr Bonneson/Mr Whitby (MAB/GDW)

STEM club Years 7 - 9 S6 Ms Carr (JLC)
Study club Years 10 - 11 S14 Mrs Bohan (SEB)
Technology Intervention Year 11 T6 Mrs Shardlow/ Mrs Cunningham/ Mrs Powell (SSH/CCU/TEP)
Spanish culture and speaking Years 7 - 9 J27 Ms Ruiz (MRM)
Philosophy Years 7 - 9 J35 Mrs Johnson/Mr Beville (JJO/JBV)
History Club All Year Groups J8 Mr McCormick
Criminology and Psychology Clinic Year 12 J14 Miss Williams


Music Ensemble Workshop Years 7 - 9 Mu21 Mr Kelley
Drama Club All year groups DR2 Mrs Ehlen (KME)


Art Club

Years 7 - 9

AR26/AR28 Mrs Law/Mr Collis/Mrs Tunley (ELA, JCO, KAT)
App Club All year groups Computing Block Rota
Basketball All Year Groups Sports Hall Mr Galloway (JGO)
Sport Intervention Year 13 PE3 Mrs Orrick (CHO)
Keyboard Lessons Years 8 - 9 Mu20 Mrs McCartney (PCC)
Debate Mate      
Bike maintenance and safety Year 9 MAD Block Foyer Paul Deakin/ PC Wood
Homework Club  Years 7 - 11 PE3 Ms Jones/ Mr Nixon/ Mrs Ward (AJJ/THN/WWA)
Homework Club All year groups S4 Mr Petrie (FAP)
Textile and fashion design workshop Years 7 - 10 T9 Mrs Shardlow (SSH)
Chess Club All Year Groups Library Mr Morris (SPM)


Art Intervention Years 10 - 13 Art Dept Mrs Alker/ Mrs Law/ Mr Collis/ Mrs Tunley (PLA, ELA, JCO, KAT)
App Club

All year groups

Computing Block Rota
Craft Club Years 7-9 J6 Ms Kirlew Howe (EKH)
Boys Football Years 8 - 9 Walton SC * Students to make own way there after school and will be dismissed from there. Paul Deakin/ Mr Smith (JSM)
Boys Football Years 10 - 11 Walton SC Mr Griffin (SGR)
Girls Football Year 7 MUGA Ms Oliver (SOL)
Girls Netball Years 8-9 Sports Hall Ms Woodruff (NJW)
Sport Intervention Year 11 IT5 Mrs Orrick/ Mrs Green (CHO,LGR)
KS3 Homework Support Years 7-9 Mu21 Mrs McCartney (PCC)
Year 13 Music Intervention Year 13 Mu21 Mrs Potter (EMP)
Vocal Group All year groups Mu20 Ms Dawson
English Intervention Year 11 Students' English Classroom All Y11 Subject Teachers
Comic Book Club Years 7-10 J17 Mr Van Gordon/ Mr Gunning (PVG, JGU)
Book Club Years 12-13 J34 Ms Tynan (LMT)
Earth Club All year groups J1 Rota
LGBTQ+ All year groups J9 Ms Clouston/ Ms Bartlett (RCL, KBA)
Coursework Clinic Years 11 and 13 J12 Ms Fernandez Perez (MFP)
MOOCS Workshop Years 12-13 J12 Ms Fernandez Perez (MFP)
Digital Art Club Years 7-11 TBC Mr Morris, Mrs Tambourini Moore/ Mrs Tunley (BJM, ZTM, KAT)
Sociology Clinic Year 13 J29 Mr Dolan
Psychology Clinic Year 13  J14 Miss williams


Boys Dodgeball Years 8 - 9 Sports Hall Ms Woodruff (NJW)
Girls Dodgeball Years 8 - 9 Old Gym Ms Oliver (SOL)
Film & Writing Club Years 7 - 11 Lecture Theatre Mrs Stewart Taylor/ Ms Morley/ Ms Smith/ Mr Beville (SST, NMO, SAS, JBV)

* Football for years 8, 9, 10 and 11 is offsite at Walton Park. Pupil will need to make arranges to make their own way to Walton Park and their own way home