Vision of the English Curriculum

English is both a subject in its own right and a medium through which we access everything around us. As such, it underpins all other subjects. Indeed, proficiency in English is not only essential to being a successful student, but also to becoming a successful communicator and making sense of an increasingly complex world. English teaches students to become confident and proficient readers, writers and speakers; all attributes that are essential to success in most other subjects on the school curriculum and in students’ future lives.

English Literature is about stories and the inherent connections within them that can help us develop empathy for others and better make sense of our own reality. Literature is the gateway to understanding how the modern world we find ourselves in was shaped and challenges us to imagine how the future of our diverse world might look if we reach beyond our own lived experience.      

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The faculty is situated in the new Jamieson building and has 16 classrooms dedicated to the study of English, including a new 'Primary-style' classroom, each with interactive whiteboards and visualizers. Within the faculty area, students have access to 'The Little Library’ and seated reading areas to engage with classic and modern childrens' and teenage fiction and intervention pods for small group work. The faculty also boasts a lecture theatre, complete with cinema screen and surround sound for the provision of A-Level Film Studies and English Literature and movie editing software for A-Level Film Studies. Students are supported to become independent through the use of Show My Homework and PiXL Lit App

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