At Alsop we believe in celebrating the successes of our pupils whenever possible. Undoubtedly, praise is key in helping our students to realise their potential and to become confident, capable members of society. Our students deserve recognition for their achievements, both big and small, and this is something that we continue in the Sixth Form.

Each half term we hold a rewards assembly to celebrate the progress our students have made in the previous few weeks; there are awards for students with the most achievement points, for improving in attendance and of course recognition for students who have gone above and beyond and have demonstrated how they give back to our school community. We also have weekly lucky dips for all students who have 100% attendance for that week – after all, Woody Allen did say that 80% of success is showing up! But we also make sure to recognise all the hard work and effort that goes on after they do show up!

We also believe that our Sixth Formers should be rewarded with events away from school. Not only do our rewards trips celebrate the successes of our students, they also give them an opportunity to build lasting relationships with their peers and staff and make memories that they’ll think of long after they leave Alsop. Some of our recent trips include ice skating, visits to Inflate Nation and bowling.