Vision of the Photography Curriculum

Photography is a great way to introduce students to art. When it comes to technical precision, it is one of the art forms that requires the least amount of practice to become a novice. Although like other art forms it requires infinite practice for perfection; and this is what we aspire to show our students. Many aspects of the course enable students to build a greater understanding of the creative processes through theory and contextual research. It allows many of our students to express themselves in a creative way that they may otherwise not have the ability to through a traditional art course.

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We have a number of DSLR cameras and lenses for students to use as well as lighting equipment in our classroom studios.

We have a darkroom for students to explore traditional photographic methods and a number of analogue cameras.

All students have free access to the full adobe suite including Photoshop to use at home as well as in school.

Future Careers

  • Commercial photographer
  • Fashion photographer
  • Filmmaker
  • Fine art photographer
  • Forensic photographer
  • Industrial photographer
  • Medical photographer
  • Nature photographer
  • Photographic illustrator
  • Photographic technician
  • Teacher
  • Photojournalist
  • Picture editor
  • Researcher
  • Social photographer
  • Sports photographer

Useful Websites

Official Adobe website with tutorials

Great site for information around photography

A good site with lots of tutorials, review and ides to improve your skills