Vision of the Mathematics Curriculum

To demonstrate to our students that mathematics is a creative, interconnected, imaginative and inspiring world that can make life orderly and limit chaos. Mathematics has answers to natural wonders such as the unlikelihood of finding a four-leaf clover and the reason only regular polygons with 3, 4 or 6 sides tessellate. It also delivers manmade solutions for desired systems such as the Hindu-Arabic number system, which has helped our way of life progress. Students will use mathematics in everyday problems such as through personal finance, ensuring the best price is selected or even purchasing the correct amount of material for a project. However, maths inspires students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers, which are skills that can enhance career prospects and make everyday problems easier.

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The Mathematics department is housed in the 1926 building. The classrooms are large and each room has a common layout. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and is equipped with a full range of mathematical resources and scientific calculators. We also have full class sets of the latest Casio graphical calculators which are used in A level lessons and at the higher levels at GCSE.

Future Careers

Accountancy and Finance, Banking, Actuary (evaluating financial risk), Statistician, Engineering, Meteorology, and Teaching.

Mathematics is also very important in areas such as: Medicine, Research, Computing, and Science

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