Summary of GCSE Performance 2022

Progress 8 score           -1.26  
Attainment 8 score           35.4
Percentage of pupils achieved a strong pass (Grade 5 or above) in English and Maths           21%
Percentage of pupils entered for the Ebacc           42.6%
Ebacc average points score           2.92%
Percentage of pupils continuing into education, training or onto employment           68%

Summary of KS5 Performance 2022

* To see our latest KS5 Results please visit Performance Tables linked above

Percentage showing the number of students who accepted University offers                        46.7%

Progress at KS5 is not being calculated nationally, this is because KS4 grades were CAGS and so do not provide a baseline that can be compared fairly across schools.


School Data Dashboard

The Data Dashboard provides a snapshot of performance in a school, college or other further education and skills providers. The dashboard can be used by governors and by members of the public to check performance of the school or provider in which they are interested.

The Data Dashboard complements the Ofsted inspection report by providing a summary of results data over a three year period and comparisons to other schools or providers. The data should be used by governors to generate key questions to support and challenge the leadership team.

Users are asked to refer to the guidance document and FAQs for additional information on the measures contained in the reports.

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DFE Performance Tables

The Performance Tables give information on the achievements of pupils in primary, secondary and 16-18 provision in schools and colleges, and how they compare with other schools and colleges in the Local Authority (LA) area and in England as a whole. Detailed information and guidance on the various aspects of the tables can be found by clicking on the links in the left hand menu.

The website will be updated throughout the year as new information becomes available.

School Performance Data Tables



Ofsted Information

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Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell us what you think about your child’s school and the information is used by Ofsted for making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when. 

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