Vision of the Geography Curriculum

Studying geography helps us to have an awareness of a place. All places and spaces have a history behind them, shaped by humans, earth, and climate. Geography gives a meaning and awareness to places and spaces. Our curriculum offers our students a diverse and enriching educational experience that equips them with the skills, knowledge and understanding for their future careers and aspirations they may have.

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The faculty has four classrooms, one of which is an ICT suite. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards. The Faculty are developing interest in e-learning through the use of ICT.

Future Careers

Geography is relevant to careers in media, tourism, local government, teaching, the armed forces, planning...the list is endless!

Useful Websites

The following websites are useful to all pupils studying geography. You can either have a general look through them or use them when you have been set a specific piece of work by your teacher.