Preparation for university has always been one of our strengths. Every year we send to higher education a percentage of students well above the national average. Last year 100 students accessed a degree, some of them in really challenging areas such as Adult Nursing or Architecture and Criminal Justice and some of our students obtaining a place at one of the top universities in the country.

This year we have achieved a figure of 110 applications and over 60% of applicants have already received offers for courses that range from English, Architecture, Nursing, Acting or Dentistry.

Regular support is provided in preparation for university applications, where an experienced mentor provides personal support and guidance during a period dedicated exclusively to the student’s career progression, UCAS, apprenticeships and opportunities to complete open online courses delivered by universities.

Students have the opportunity to visit UCAS conventions, open days and university fairs to help them make the right decision. Students also have the opportunity to take part in masterclasses, insight days and shadowing schemes provided by different universities, which will offer students an insight into their chosen course.

We are proud to say that we continue our links with the prestigious Scholars Programme at The University of Liverpool with a number of our students currently accepted on the scheme. We grow from strength to strength and this year we also continue with: the Teach First Futures programme, the Social Mobility Foundation programme and the Oxbridge programme which is providing academically-able students with the opportunity to raise their aspirations and achievement and help them attend the best university possible.

We are very lucky to have a careers advisor on site which can be consulted at any point during the student’s journey in Sixth Form and who will be working closely with those students not going to university to provide them with help and information regarding apprenticeships and employment.

Early recruitment of higher and degree apprenticeship vacancies:

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Early recruitment of higher and degree apprenticeships

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Apprenticeship vacancies

The UCAS website also has useful information about apprenticeships and getting ready for work.

UCAS site - Apprenticeships information

Getting a head start in a competitive work environment

Career Finder

For further information contact:

Paul Williams: Careers Adviser 
Career Connect: Education and Business