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Year 10 Revision Materials

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It has been a really good start to the new academic year and it is lovely to see our students back in our school buildings.

Whilst the restrictions have been removed on a national level we are acutely aware that Covid is still present in our community and as such we have taken the decision to move our Year 10 Steps to Success Evening from a face to face event to a series of presentations that can be found below.

These are a series of presentations delivered by the Heads of Subject and they are designed to provide you with specific information regarding the subjects your child is studying in Key Stage 4. Our staff will provide you with a breakdown of the course; how the course will be assessed; key reading that will support your child’s studies and give you advice on how you can support your child as they start their GCSE/BTEC courses. In addition, there are the email addresses of the pastoral leads who are working with the Year 10 cohort this academic year plus the email address of each Head of Subject should you have any specific questions you would like to ask about the course.

Our steps to success event is the first of a series of parental meetings held in KS4 that will support your child’s progress towards their final GCSE/BTEC exams and their future pathways Post 16.

To access the presentations please click on each presentation below to see what each subject has to offer.

I hope you find the presentations helpful and informative. If you have any queries, please contact the Year 10 pastoral team directly using the contact details in the presentations.

Steps to Success

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