At Alsop High School we recognise the importance of the personal development of our students. One key element of this is Character Education.

Character is a the ability to remain motivated by long-term goals, to see a link between effort in the present and pay-off in the longer-term, overcoming and persevering through, and learning from, setbacks when encountered. It is also the learning of moral attributes, becoming socially confident and being able to make points or arguments clearly and constructively, listen attentively to the views of others, behave with courtesy and good manners and speak persuasively to an audience

We develop students’ character education in a number of ways, through the modelling of our learning habits, all the work we do around our school values of ambition, respect and community. In each school year students will move through a Personal Development, PSHE and RSE curriculum during dedicated time in the school day, this is in partnership with external agencies such as Talk the Talk. During this curriculum all the elements of character education are explicitly taught and developed.

This is designed to complement our curriculum time. Where the elements of character education are used in context, practised and built on. For example, debate and discussion in History, the importance of ethics in Science and speaking persuasively in English. All our lessons promote resilience and confidence. This extends to our extra curricular and extra curricular offer where our Year 9 students complete the bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and in our Year 7 music initiative where all students are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

We create a sense of pride, belonging and identity in our school community in all we do and we are clear about our expectations of behaviour towards each other, promoting respect, good manners and courtesy.