Today our students took part in World Book Day in our School Library. We had loads of competitions including ‘Guess the Teacher Behind the Book’, ‘A Book Detective’ hunt, ‘Guess the Blurb’ and many others. They also got a chance to get a free book or to collect a £1 voucher to choose a book themselves. There were also loads of prizes to be won.

Reading has incredible benefits for a young person’s developing mind. But it can also have a huge impact on their happiness, emotional intelligence, and mental health. When we are engaged in a book we become emotionally invested in the characters and their journey. We develop feelings of anger, delight, sorrow, yearning, betrayal and hope and we start to understand other people’s desires and motivations.

The students really engaged in World Book Day entering all the competitions, chatting outside of their usual friendship groups to discover the identities of the mystery teachers, and overall just having fun.