We are thrilled to announce that Alex, 8RS,  has won the school’s postcard design competition. Alex’s outstanding design is now being used by staff across the school to praise students for their positive behaviour.

The competition, which was open to all students, aimed to create a postcard that embodies the school’s values and can be used as a tangible recognition of students' positive actions and attitudes. Alex’s design stood out among numerous entries for its creativity, vibrancy, and alignment with the school’s ethos.

The postcard, featuring Alex’s winning design, is now a key tool in the school’s initiative to promote and reward positive behaviour. Teachers and staff members use the postcard to write personalized messages home, acknowledging students' achievements and encouraging them to continue making positive contributions to the school community.

The school community is excited about the positive impact the postcards will have on students. The use of Alex’s design in this way not only highlights the importance of recognising positive behaviour but also showcases the incredible talents of our students.